If you are interested in any of the courses Wrentham  
Cable Access provides call 384-3888 to reserve a
1st of a series of three classes in Live Video
Classes to be held in our studio every Monday
from April 16th call to sign up as class sise is
limited. 508-384-3888
Improving your Video Quality
Free Class
Videography Tips.
Improve your video skills with hands
on use of state of the art Video
Production equipment. April  17,
2020 Class size is limited so call
early to reserve your space
Would you would like to receive instruction in any
aspect of Video Production in a private one on one
Session contact the station at 384-3888 we'll be
happy to put together that suits your needs and
time constraints.
All courses offered have been postponed due to the
Corona Virus Emergency. They will return when the
emergency has been lifted.
All Lessons are free and will
take place in our studio
unless noted otherwise. Call
384-3888 to Sign up.
MONDAY April 16, 2020
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